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Pilates today embodies a wide range of exercises from the gentle to the extreme. You don’t have to be an exercise fanatic to get great results. The original method by Joseph Pilates involves stretching and strengthening through whole body movements.

The method traditionally taught in England is gentle and isolates different muscles or groups of muscles and is great for beginners, injuries or older clientele.

The ‘New’ Pilates method gaining momentum is commonly referred to as ‘Boot Camp Pilates’ and involves a stopwatch, heavy springs and a ‘Feel the Burn’ attitude.

At Pilates Squared we start each session with an initial consultation and together come up with a program that best suits your individual needs and how you like to train. Some clients need rehabilitation work, others want a tighter bum, and most just want a great workout!

We stay on the cutting edge of Pilates to consistently bring you the best workout possible.

Hope to see you soon,​