Pilates Squared founder Caron Bosler created the workout alongside trainer Hakan Erol - it is created by men, for men. Hakan is a former bodyguard and ex military with a Bachelor's in sports sciences - together they created a Pilates workout designed to give men the ideal power hour of training.
This workout is based on the fact that so many men over train their upper body and neglect their core and legs. Men tend to think of stretching as secondary, causing tightness in the lower back, glutes and hamstring that can then cause injury. Using the reformer machines they are able to redress these imbalances, making an impact on overall body strength and flexibility, posture and injury prevention. 
Alphalates focuses on every movement coming from the core to build muscle strength and alignment with a focus on overall symmetry. The reason for creating this class was to help men achieve the results they want through pilates principals. 
Alphalates is great for building core strength, overall muscle alignment and flexibility. The workout uses fitness exercises on the reformer such as planks, push ups, squats and lunges, mixed with a traditional pilates repertoire.

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