HIIP (High Intensity Interval Pilates)

HIIP (High Intensity Interval Pilates) combines the principles of Tabata, Reformer Pilates, Classical Pilates, ​Military exercises and HIiT principles, using focused Pilates exercises to get the heart ​rate up​, providing the opportunity for maximum change.  Unlike other Pilates Hybrids, HIIP uses reformer machines. You complete exercises in quick succession on the Reformer Machine during a one-hour work out in order to build intensity, break a major sweat and burn calories.
Pilates is famous for giving this ​amazing ​ballet-esque body line to anyone willing to put in the work. The vital missing ingredient is the cardio. Cardiovascular exercise (getting the heart rate up for at least 30 min 3x a week) changes all cellular activity. 
​It also lowers the resting heart rate, changes the rate we absorb nutrients and break down fat, and ​decreases​ lactic acid. Even mild cardiovascular activity between strength train reps has significant effects in studies​.​

By combining cardio with dynamic Pilates you can expect all of the changes typical to Pilates- better posture, muscle tone and definition, flexibility, range of motion.. Only faster.

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